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Avoid acne with beauche

I bet acne had been one of our problems who hadn’t? Well lucky you if you haven’t experienced a major breakout.

Acne or pimples are irritating, why? Because you had to deal with the bump visible on your skin and then the acne marks.

While acne are a natural occurrence on the skin, there are ways which you can prevent them from creating a major attraction on your face. It is also important to treat your pimple before it leaves an annoying mark.

In order to avoid acne marks, identifying the type of bumps that you have is a must. Acne breakout occur when our pores gets clogged with excess and dead skin cells, in this area bacteria grows rapidly which causes inflammation and bumps on the skin.

1. Minor bumps

These are the whiteheads and blackheads who loves to stay on the T-zone of your face and a little persistent on staying there. This is why you need to cleanse your face day and night.

2. Moderate pimples

This type include and papules and pustules, you may wonder what they are. Papules are described as red inflamed acne while pustules are those with white centres which looks like a small “pigsa”.

3. Major breakout

You can agree with me on this, we all hate this pimple. The type of acne which is irritating, stays for long, grows bigger from time to time and leaves an annoying mark. I hate this

pimple. I’ve had one before and I had to endure the mark for a month. (Thanks to Beauché, this type of pimple leaves a mark that will fade for 3 months the least)

Each of the mentioned type of acne causes different level of marks, some were less noticeable others stand out and becomes the talk of the town (if you know what I mean).

As we always say, ‘prevention is better than cure’ (same goes with your pimples), here are ways to prevent acne marks.

1. Keep your face clean

The best way to keeping bacteria build up away from your precious skin is to cleanse twice a day. Wash your face with warm water and Beauché Beauty Bar soap then cleanse your pores with Beauché skin toner.

2. Don’t mess with your pimples

If you can’t do anything and too bored of waiting for your zit to pop out, never ever get your hands on it. Leave your pimples alone and patiently wait for it to breakout.

Also picking your pimple can irritate your skin even more which based on experience makes it bigger.

3. Always wear your sun block

The harmful UV rays of the sun damages your skin which can increase inflammation, thus the occurrence of acne on your face. Beauché’s age eraser cream (SPF 15) and skin lightening lotion (SPF 35) are a perfect pair for protecting your skin from the sun.

Beauché has a variety of products to prevent pimple breakout and scarring, why wait try them now and you’ll have an acne free-skin.

In my next post we will talk about removing acne marks using Beauché.

How to avoid acne marks

Published by Beauche International on

Five skin care home remedies you should never do

Hey fellas!
In my recent blog I have discussed the false hopes of using skin care home remedies right? Now I will tell you more about popular skin care hacks which you should never ever try. Why? Read on...

1. Lemon juice toner
   When you search the internet for most effective home remedy cleanser or toner, lemon juice would immediately be first on the list of Mr. Google. The super popular lemon juice, which they say is good for cleansing, but in truth it is harmful to your skin.
   Your skin is an organ with protective layers of essential oils which guards your skin from harmful bacteria also it has a natural pH which is lower than the pH found in lemon or any citrus fruit juice. If you use lemon juice to cleanse or tone your skin the pH present in the juice can seriously irritate your skin and can break the natural oil of your skin.
Instead, use Beauché skin toner which can remove dirt on your face from an all day activity. Plus, it can provide the needed pH of your skin.

2. Toothpaste for pimple
   Toothpaste also known as a super concentrated cleanser can really remove your pimple overnight, but it can damage your skin too. Why?
Yes, toothpaste has antibacterial agents (sodium chloride) which removes pimples and helps your skin fight against bacteria. But how about its other components like foaming agents all those additives, are they beneficial to your skin?
    Well, here's for you it’s not at all beneficial the additives in the toothpaste destroys your skin barrier which makes you prone to even more bacteria.
If your using toothpaste for your zit, stop it now and use Beauché  beauty bar soap instead.     The soap also has anti-bacterial agents which can remove your pimples and has moisturizing agents too. It can also whiten your skin while cleansing it. Good deal.
3. Sunscreen
    Never ever try using your homemade sunscreen.
Sunscreen is used to protect or neutralize the effects of harmful UV rays to your skin. It is carefully made by chemists and dermatologists. It is tested, and improved to provide the needed SPF of your skin. If you are not at all a chemist or a dermatologist do not and never attempt to make your own sunscreen.
    To protect your skin from UV rays, apply Beauché age eraser cream as it has SPF 35 and Beauché skin lightening lotion with SPF 30 for your body.

4. Baking soda exfoliating cream
     Many people like to use baking soda for exfoliating their skin, some also say it can whiten your skin and remove dead cells.
Baking soda is good for cooking, but for your skin its not good at all.
Again, baking soda has a higher pH than what the skin normally has. The high pH can cause red patches, inflammation and pimples. It’s not useful for eliminating dead cells at all.
    For exfoliating you will never be wrong with Beauché exfoliating cream. A tested and proven effective cream, which can completely eliminate blemishes, rashes and skin irritation. It exfoliates the skin and induces cell rejuvenation.

5. Mayonnaise moisturizing cream
   Truly, eggs and oil in mayonnaise can moisturize your skin, but what about other ingredients such as lemon or vinegar?
These ingredients are highly acidic, which can again do more damage to your skin than being beneficial to it.
     Having parched skin? Apply Beauché rejuvenating cream to your face, this cream can provide your skin's needed moisturization. While for your body you can use Beauché moisturizing lotion. Be moisturized without the greasy feeling.
You should never ever try these home remedies okay. 
     Just a piece of advice the next time you have pimples, red patches, dry and dull skin run at any Beauché outlet store near you and not in your kitchen.
Till next time!

Five skin care home remedies you should never do

Published by Beauche International on

Beauché Products VS Home Remedies

Hello to my avid readers (ha! ha! ha!), my apologies for the long wait.
Home remedies are becoming popular nowadays, every time I search the internet they already have remedies for almost everything. Even home-made facials and skin care products are becoming popular too.
In this blog, I will explain further the risks of using skin care home remedies.

 1. Availability
   For those homemade skin care product users, they claim that the products that they use is always available at home like lemon. It’s always available, they say, but what if you run out of stock? What will you do then? You have to go to the market, buy a lemon or worse, you will wait for it to bear fruit again. While for Beauché you just go to a certified dealer, buy the Beauché pack and viola, you have your cleansing, moisturizing and whitening product. Stress-free, even more accessible and always available for you.

2. Effectivity
   Yes, home remedies were proven to be effective and makes your skin healthy, especially because it is all natural. But there are new high technology skin care regimen that was only present in scientifically developed products. This the effectivity of your homemade skin care regimen is far beyond the benefits that Beauché can give you a product specially formulated for all skin types by our highly skilled chemists.
   Also skin care home remedies has not been tested by a chemist it’s just you doing the experimenting. Take note the skin is the shield of the body should not and never be experimented upon.

P.S. In a study, homemade skin care remedy users tend to add anything, absolutely anything to their formula which worsens their skin condition.

3. Longevity
   Homemade remedies spoil easily, that's a fact. You can make your homemade mixture now put it in the fridge but it will not last long I tell you. If you have mixed a lot and got spoiled, you have to toss it away. (What a waste!).
  Our Beauché pack lasts for a month and our age eraser cream once aged is even more effective for your skin.

4. Effortless
   Home remedies require a lot of effort, from buying in the market, stocking your cupboard, picking you lemon from your backyard to making your own formula then finally applying it to your skin. While for Beauché you just have to face your mirror cleanse your face and apply moisturizers, easy right?

5. Cost effective
I know that you use home remedies because they say it is more affordable than our Beauché products. Come to think of it, is it really more affordable? Let us break down your expenses.
     3 to 4 pieces of lemon = P100 (for 2 weeks)
     300 ml of honey = P200 (for 2 weeks)
     So P300 for two weeks is actually lesser than P325 using Beauché pack for two weeks.
            Now let's add all your efforts plus the possible payment for a dermatologist if something goes wrong with your home remedy.
            300+50 (effort) +300 (consultation) +500 (for medical prescription)=1010
Wow, that's too much for two weeks.
Let me ask you, are home remedies cost effective?

If you are a home remedy user, think twice and switch to Beauché.

Beauché Products VS Home Remedies

Published by Beauche International on

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