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Have you seen the new packaging of Beauché products in our shelves recently? Are you wondering why its packaging looks different from the one described on our previous blog entitled “AuthenticBeauché Set ”?

As surprising as it may be, we assure our customers that our dealers won’t be selling fake products. Let’s take a closer look at what has been changed and why our new packaging is better.

The new Beauché beauty bar and glutathione soaps are now vacuum sealed.  Which means, more air is circulating inside the packaging to keep the soap free from moisture. Moreover, the durable plastic packaging contains the Beauché label with product’s manufacturing date, ingredients, and batch number.
Other products such as: skin toner, clarifying solution, age eraser cream, rejuvenating cream, and exfoliating cream are now marked with a plastic seal but still retain its old packaging. However, the color of the containers has been slightly changed. Rejuvenating cream is now in darker shade of green, exfoliating cream in a cobalt blue container, while the age eraser cream has a richer tone of pink.

The whole packaging is also marked with Beauché’s logo including its “Halal seal”.

To ensure authenticity, you may also check our distributor or reseller’s ID, and business permit to make sure you are buying the right product. Or best, buy from our outlets in selected SM branches nationwide. 

Beauché unveils new look!

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Acne marks are the worst thing pimples leave behind. Even if you don’t prick them, sometimes they still leave a reminder of that acne. The good news is there are best products available to help you remove them such as the Beauché set.
These are 3 ways to remove acne marks:
1.       Remove acne marks with micro peeling.
Our Beauché set works together to exfoliate your skin and micro peel. First, using cotton balls, cleanse with Beauché skin toner. Then, lather your face with Beauché Beauty bar soap, wash it with water. Prepare your face with the gentle application of the clarifying solution using cotton balls in an upward stroke. After cleansing, apply the Beauché Exfoliating cream. Micro peeling can take place after 4 to 7 days of usage. You may experience prickly feeling or burning sensation but hey, it’s normal! Just avoid scratching your face.
2.      Rejuvenate your skin
To raise those scars to the normal level of your skin, you need to improve your skin’s ability to rejuvenate your cells. After applying the Beauché  exfoliating cream apply the Beauché rejuvenating cream. Aside from raising your skin, this cream also keeps your face moisturized and it also eliminates dark skin, making those spot lighter and invisible.
3.      Use sunblock
When healing from pimple mark or scar, it is important that you keep away from the sun, why? Because of the harmful UV rays, it can darken your pimple marks and damage your skin even further; we don’t want that to happen to your skin right? You need to use sunblock all the time. Our Beauché age eraser cream has the ability to protect your face from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It has SPF 35 which can protect you all day. Just reapply every two hours during sun exposure. It can also make your face look younger and fresh because this cream has collagen which is effective to eliminate signs of aging.
The best way to avoid scarring is to prevent your acne from getting worse, but if you are already having a bad zit and marks are on their way. Try our Beauché set and it will help you remove those annoying marks.

Till next time folks! Happy pimple-free day!

Remove Acne marks in 3 easy steps

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Hey there good day! Most Pinoys and Pinays like you, believe that peanuts cause major pimple breakout. Some of you may even avoid eating them. Peanuts have a lot of nutritional values, one of which, is it enhances your brains capability to work well, thus making you smarter.  

Pimple Myth: Peanuts cause pimples

Despite of several studies explaining that peanuts do not cause pimples, many people even you, believe otherwise. You continue believe that these nuts are responsible for your zits. But let’s make it clear, a study in the US have proven that peanuts of any kind do not cause pimple. Instead, peanuts help reduce pimples not cause them.
Now, it’s! You can eat peanuts as much as you like! The question is what causes pimples?

Causes of Pimples

Some people are lucky enough to not have major pimple breakouts but most of you cannot escape from the fact that you have pimples.

There are factors affecting your skin from popping out pimples:
  1.   Androgens affect (male hormones) the skin to have pimples. They make oil glands of the skin larger thus producing more sebum (oil). The oilier the higher risk of having breakouts.
  2. Yes, same old genes affect your skin from producing pimples. If your parents have pimple-prone skin you may likely have inherited it.
  3.  Medications can be a factor too. Some medicines such as prednisone, epilepsy medication, androgen medicines and lithium cause your pimple breakouts. So if you are under these medications, expect more zits.
  4. Oil-based cosmetics clog your pores (clogged pores means pimples). Always choose water-based products to prevent yourself from having zits.Use Beauche!
  5. Stress on your body such physical stress like harsh rubbing on your skin also causes pimples. If you are suffering from psychological stress unwind and don’t let those pimples come out.
  6. Having poor hygiene causes pimples. Always wash, exfoliate and moisturize your face with our very own Beauché pack.
Remember, the best way to rid your face from a lot of pimples is to use our Beauché pack!

In my next post, I will teach you how to get rid of marks in only acne marks in only three easy steps. 

Causes of Pimples: 'Peanut' myth busted

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Avoid acne with beauche

I bet acne had been one of our problems who hadn’t? Well lucky you if you haven’t experienced a major breakout.

Acne or pimples are irritating, why? Because you had to deal with the bump visible on your skin and then the acne marks.

While acne are a natural occurrence on the skin, there are ways which you can prevent them from creating a major attraction on your face. It is also important to treat your pimple before it leaves an annoying mark.

In order to avoid acne marks, identifying the type of bumps that you have is a must. Acne breakout occur when our pores gets clogged with excess and dead skin cells, in this area bacteria grows rapidly which causes inflammation and bumps on the skin.

1. Minor bumps

These are the whiteheads and blackheads who loves to stay on the T-zone of your face and a little persistent on staying there. This is why you need to cleanse your face day and night.

2. Moderate pimples

This type include and papules and pustules, you may wonder what they are. Papules are described as red inflamed acne while pustules are those with white centres which looks like a small “pigsa”.

3. Major breakout

You can agree with me on this, we all hate this pimple. The type of acne which is irritating, stays for long, grows bigger from time to time and leaves an annoying mark. I hate this

pimple. I’ve had one before and I had to endure the mark for a month. (Thanks to Beauché, this type of pimple leaves a mark that will fade for 3 months the least)

Each of the mentioned type of acne causes different level of marks, some were less noticeable others stand out and becomes the talk of the town (if you know what I mean).

As we always say, ‘prevention is better than cure’ (same goes with your pimples), here are ways to prevent acne marks.

1. Keep your face clean

The best way to keeping bacteria build up away from your precious skin is to cleanse twice a day. Wash your face with warm water and Beauché Beauty Bar soap then cleanse your pores with Beauché skin toner.

2. Don’t mess with your pimples

If you can’t do anything and too bored of waiting for your zit to pop out, never ever get your hands on it. Leave your pimples alone and patiently wait for it to breakout.

Also picking your pimple can irritate your skin even more which based on experience makes it bigger.

3. Always wear your sun block

The harmful UV rays of the sun damages your skin which can increase inflammation, thus the occurrence of acne on your face. Beauché’s age eraser cream (SPF 15) and skin lightening lotion (SPF 35) are a perfect pair for protecting your skin from the sun.

Beauché has a variety of products to prevent pimple breakout and scarring, why wait try them now and you’ll have an acne free-skin.

In my next post we will talk about removing acne marks using Beauché.

How to avoid acne marks