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Be Rich in Beauche way


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        As much as we at Beauche want you to be beautiful inside and out, we would also want you to be rich!
With your confident smile, right decisions and burning passion to be rich, you can earn up to 70% more of your capital.
As the leading direct seller company in the country, we make sure that our products are of high-end quality with unparalleled effectiveness on an affordable price.

What are the products that we sell?

         Beauche International has a variety of products needed for cleansing and moisturizing your skin – the two master keys in having a healthy glowing skin.
 Each product contains our very own cosmetic formula tested and proven to be effective for all skin types and dermatological problems.

        Aside from our individual products we also have a Beauche pack. The pack contains beauty bar soap, rejuvenating cream, exfoliating cream, age eraser cream, skin toner and clarifying solution. For a wais Pinoy and Pinay like you who wants to have mega kinis and ultra white skin purchase them now at a price of P750.00.

        How will you earn? Purchase a minimum of 5 most effective Beauche packs with 1 pack free at a price of P3750.00. With this you can already earn 20% of your capital amounting to P750.00.
If you are a risk taker like most of the Beauche dealers, buy more Beauche packs and earn up to 70% of your capital.
 - 10 packs+3 packs free for P7500.00, with this you can earn 30% or P2250.00
 - 20 packs + 10 packs free for P15,000.00, you can earn P7500.00 or 50%.
 - 50 packs + 30 packs free for P37,500.00, you can already earn 60% of your capital or P22,500.00.
- 100 packs + 70 packs free at a price of P75,000, can already give you 70% of your capital at P52,500.00

         First on our list of individually sold product is our all-time-blockbuster, beauty bar soap. This soap which can deeply cleanse your skin and restores its suppleness is sold at P38.00 to P58.00. If you are a dealer you can already earn P10.00 each because the dealer’s price ranges from P28.00 to P48.00.
The ultra whitening Beauche Gluta soap has a detoxifying agent and vitamin C which can protect and detoxify your skin against harmful chemicals; it is also good for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. A great deal, for a price of P58 to P68.

         For your needs of skin rejuvenation, exfoliation, and age defying our Beauche creams are here for you at an affordable price of P200.00.
Are your pores eksena bigtime? Worry no more because our skin toners are made perfectly for you. Our toners have pore tightening and protection ingredients which you can easily buy at a price of P80 to P155.

      Tired of having dry and dull skin, our very own lotions are made available and affordable for you. Our lotions can give you overall skin moisturization, whitening and protection.
Why wait! Be one of us; let your efforts and hard work be rewarded with success and beauty.
Here at Beauche “Hindi ka lang gumaganda, yumayaman ka pa.”

Be Rich in Beauche way