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Beauche 101 : Know our products

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Beauche 101 : Know our products

In our recent blogs, we have shown you how Beauché became a part of every Filipino's skin care ritual, one of them even became Bb. Pilipinas top 15. All of these BeauchéFul people are a living proof of Beauché skin care products' effectivity in making your skin healthy and pearly white.
Now, what does Beauché offer to make your skin BeauchéFul. First, is our best seller all-in-one Beauché set which contains the following:

Beauty Bar Soap
This soap is made of mixed fruit extracts mostly of papaya extracts, coconut oil, sodium lactate and essential oils for fragrance.
Papaya extracts have been proven to whiten and provide your skin with vitamin E. Vitamin E together with coconut oil keeps your skin moisturized and younger looking. Together they deeply cleanse your skin, keeping it soft and pimple free.
Truly, our beauty bar soap is no ordinary papaya soap, it keeps your skin clean, healthier and lighter after every washing.

Skin Toner
This toner is composed of natural extracts in hydro-alcohol base, metabisulfate and fragrance. This toning moisture removes all kinds of dirt on your face after a long day work. It is also an effective agent in stimulating the skin and removing traces of dirt. It also protects your skin against germs and bacteria by providing an acidic coat to your skin.
Feel fresh and clean before sleeping with Beauché skin toner.

Clarifying Solution
This is a deep cleansing solution with Aqua, Tretinoin Hydroquinone <0.3%, vitamin A&C and natural extracts in Hydro alcohol base.
Our clarifying solution has soluble agents which deeply cleanses your skin and tightens your pores. It can also make your skin smoother, more supple and it will restore your skin's vitality.

Exfoliating Cream
Our very own exfoliating cream contains aqua, methyl paraben, stearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, and salicylic acid which are also soluble agents that help in rejuvenating the skin.
This cream if used daily can totally erase your blemishes and rashes, eliminate your skin irritation and reduce age spots. It also peels your old skin to unleash new skin cells.

Rejuvenating Cream
This cream improves your skin to always look young, glowing and moisturized. It is also effective in eliminating excess skin pigmentation.
With aqua, petrolatum, methyl paraben, stearyl alcohol, retinoic acid, hydroquinone <0.3%, vitamin E&C it will keep your skin in its best condition.
This cream may turn dark which we call aging process. But hey, no worries as it is more effective to your skin once aged. Let me tell you this, most loyal Beauché clients prefer an already aged Beauché product.
Age Eraser Cream
The icing on the cake, age eraser cream helps you look younger. It is made of aqua, methyl paraben, petrolum, parsol, placentol, collagen, milk lactates and titanium dioxide which is known to make your skin pinkish. This cream also makes your face look healthier, fresher and younger.
Oh by the way, it also has a protective property of SPF 35. A good shield against harmful elements and the UV rays of the sun.
Aside from keeping your face and neck clean and glowing white, Beauché also has mega powerful products which will keep your overall skin moisturized, protected and of course, ultra white.
Meet one of our best sellers the Gluta soap:

Gluta Soap
Our gluta soap which was proven to lighten your skin was made with Glutathione, Vitamin C, water soluble supplements and enriched with Songyi Mushroom.
Glutathione was known to be a powerful antioxidant which lightens the skin and keeps it younger looking. In a study it was found the level of glutathione in your body can predict how long you will live. Songyi mushroom extract is a mild element which is great for a sensitive skin like yours. This extract was proven as a powerful agent for anti-aging and cell rejuvenation.
You must use it regularly, because studies have shown that it can give you a clearer and lighter skin.
P.S. Our beauty bar soap and gluta soap is perfect for cleansing and whitening your whole body.

Skin Whitening Lotion
For superior whitening, it is best to use Gluta soap and our skin lightening lotion together. Cleanse your skin with the soap and moisturize your skin with our lightening lotion.
To be more effective our lightening lotion consists of glutathione and vitamin C enriched with SPF 35 for your ultimate protection against UV rays.
This lotion serves a double purpose; it whitens your skin and at the same time shields it from harmful elements like the rays of the sun. It will keep your skin protected all day long.

Skin Moisturizing Lotion
Moisturize your skin with our very own moisturizing lotion enriched with Argan oil and essential oils that keeps your skin smelling good all the time.
Argan oil gently exfoliates your skin which prevents your skin from having breakouts. It deeply hydrates your skin and keeps it soft and smooth day and night. Truly, argan oil stands by its name ‘golden oil’. 
See, we at Beauché have everything you need for skin care, but beware as there are fake products out there.

In my next post I will tell you how to identify the real Beauché products from the fake ones. Adios amigos and amigas, till next time!