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Beauché Products VS Home Remedies

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Beauché Products VS Home Remedies

Hello to my avid readers (ha! ha! ha!), my apologies for the long wait.
Home remedies are becoming popular nowadays, every time I search the internet they already have remedies for almost everything. Even home-made facials and skin care products are becoming popular too.
In this blog, I will explain further the risks of using skin care home remedies.

 1. Availability
   For those homemade skin care product users, they claim that the products that they use is always available at home like lemon. It’s always available, they say, but what if you run out of stock? What will you do then? You have to go to the market, buy a lemon or worse, you will wait for it to bear fruit again. While for Beauché you just go to a certified dealer, buy the Beauché pack and viola, you have your cleansing, moisturizing and whitening product. Stress-free, even more accessible and always available for you.

2. Effectivity
   Yes, home remedies were proven to be effective and makes your skin healthy, especially because it is all natural. But there are new high technology skin care regimen that was only present in scientifically developed products. This the effectivity of your homemade skin care regimen is far beyond the benefits that Beauché can give you a product specially formulated for all skin types by our highly skilled chemists.
   Also skin care home remedies has not been tested by a chemist it’s just you doing the experimenting. Take note the skin is the shield of the body should not and never be experimented upon.

P.S. In a study, homemade skin care remedy users tend to add anything, absolutely anything to their formula which worsens their skin condition.

3. Longevity
   Homemade remedies spoil easily, that's a fact. You can make your homemade mixture now put it in the fridge but it will not last long I tell you. If you have mixed a lot and got spoiled, you have to toss it away. (What a waste!).
  Our Beauché pack lasts for a month and our age eraser cream once aged is even more effective for your skin.

4. Effortless
   Home remedies require a lot of effort, from buying in the market, stocking your cupboard, picking you lemon from your backyard to making your own formula then finally applying it to your skin. While for Beauché you just have to face your mirror cleanse your face and apply moisturizers, easy right?

5. Cost effective
I know that you use home remedies because they say it is more affordable than our Beauché products. Come to think of it, is it really more affordable? Let us break down your expenses.
     3 to 4 pieces of lemon = P100 (for 2 weeks)
     300 ml of honey = P200 (for 2 weeks)
     So P300 for two weeks is actually lesser than P325 using Beauché pack for two weeks.
            Now let's add all your efforts plus the possible payment for a dermatologist if something goes wrong with your home remedy.
            300+50 (effort) +300 (consultation) +500 (for medical prescription)=1010
Wow, that's too much for two weeks.
Let me ask you, are home remedies cost effective?

If you are a home remedy user, think twice and switch to Beauché.